Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern cosmetic dentistry has changed

Modern Cosmetic Dentistry Has Changed

Dentistry today has lept forward to answer the needs and wants of people today. Materials and concepts have changed to give both function and beauty to a person’s teeth and smile because this is what is demanded by today’s society. Every procedure a dentist can do is considered cosmetic. Every concept behind that procedure is to improve the shape, color, and function of each tooth separately and in its group.

Teeth Whitening

This is the simplest improvement you can make to your smile. It is done in less than an hour in the dental office and can change a person’s self esteem immensely. Some teeth are so dark they may need a second treatment or a take home touch up kit for a lighter look but with more than 90% of people, happiness is just an hour away.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings look great and they can replace old metal fillings that are not very appealing. The real beauty of these new fillings besides the fact they are the color of the tooth is they are bonded to the tooth which means the tooth is given new strength and can be stronger than it was before the filling is placed. Your tooth gets a second chance. That’s great.

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Veneers are a very hot topic due to television exposure. This is a thin light colored porcelain facing shaped like a perfect tooth and can be bonded to crooked, discolored teeth that can make a tremendous difference in a person’s smile.  It can close spaces, or lengthen short, chipped, or worn tooth. The results are amazing and easy. We even take before photos and have the finished virtual pictures to show before the work is even started. You see what you're getting before you get them! Very advanced.

Porcelain Crowns

Modern porcelain crowns are also something to enjoy because the technology does away with the black line at the gum line around the tooth. This new type of crown can be used on back teeth as well as front teeth. If a filling is too large or the tooth has broken and can’t be filled again, it will need a crown. An all porcelain with Zirconia crown can be used anywhere. So many times a crown is put on a front or back tooth, and very soon afterwards it is no longer appealing because a black line appears at the gum line. Well the new porcelain material is so strong, no metal is needed under it for support, so the black line is a thing of the past. Now the crown stays aesthetic for many years after it is placed. Cement it and forget it!

Porcelain Onlays

Onlays are partial crowns. At one time the only way this could be made would be out of gold. Not too pretty to see. Today porcelain and composite materials can replace part of a tooth with an aesthetic tooth replacement that is virtually impossible to see. These onlays can recontour the tooth with proper contact to the adjacent teeth so food getting stuck between big fillings are a thing of the past. The gums around the teeth just got healthier. Thanks.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are functional — and they are cosmetic. They are the best thing to come along in dentistry for the last twenty years. Before implants became so dependable dentists used to drill down perfectly good teeth on either side of a space to put in a cemented bridge so the patient didn’t have to wear a removable bridge in their mouth. Now implants are placed in the space, a crown is cemented to the one tooth and everything is right in the world. Easy and convenient. Really the best thing ever. Today even denture wearers can have implants and the dentures can be attached to the implants and it’s just like having your own teeth again. No more soaking dentures overnight in a glass. Hello corn on the cob!

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