Covid 19 Update – Why We Are Open

Covid 19 Update – Why We Are Open

We Are Still Here

This post is to let all of our patients know that we are still available throughout this COVID 19 pandemic to address emergency dental issues. We will postpone routine dental appointments for exams, xrays, cleaning and other non-emergent treatments. If you feel that you're suffering an emergency dental situation, please contact the office to arrange an appointment. We will not be accepting walk-in patients who do not have an appointment.

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Staying Safe During an Outbreak

As health officials seek to contain the coronavirus outbreak, unprecedented safety measures have been issued for our protection. My dental office is also taking measures to protect your health and well-being.

Your Protection Against Exposure

As a health care provider, we are held to higher sanitary standards by law. We follow all OSHA requirements including fully sanitizing exam rooms and equipment and wearing protective gear such as medical gloves and masks. Nonetheless, due to the gravity of this situation, we’ve exceeded even those standards by taking these additional precautions.

Screening Travelers

We require patients who have tailed in the last two weeks to complete a questionnaire to detect any coronavirus exposure and/or symptoms. We also keep thermometers on hand to check temperatures for additional screening. If there appears to be any risk whatsoever, no matter how remote, we ask the patient to reschedule for future appointment and schedule a phone call to their primary physician for further evaluation.

Social Distancing

If we are unable to see patients upon their arrival, we ha them wait in their cars until their treatment room is reay. This prevents people from congregating in the waiting area. We also space out appointment times for additional social distancing.

Hourly Wipe-downs

We disinfect all common areas just about every hour including door handles, counter tops, and pens.

Magazine Removal

We’ve removed all magazines and printed matter from the reception area to reduce the chance of exposure.

Oral Health, Illness and Your Immune System

To further protect you and the community, we’ve prepared this message to alert everyone to the connection between oral health, the immune system and bodily diseases, including viruses, and to provide additional preventive tips.

Remember – age is not a factor in spreading this virus! There are at least as many 18 to 50 year olds in Los Angeles County with this virus as there are seniors 65 and older!

Your mouth is home to billions of bacteria- some friendly and others harmful. When your oral hygiene regimen is properly done and your immune system is intact, the harmful bacteria are kept in check. However, when oral hygiene habits are poor- including insufficient brushing or flossing and too few professional cleanings, the harmful bacteria are allowed to multiply and cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Tooth decay and gum disease create inflammation which damages your gums blood vessels and allow bacteria into the bloodstream. It not only invades the immune system, it changes it so harmful bacteria can thrive. As the immune system weakens, susceptibility to such diseases as the corona virus increases.

This harmful bacteria can trigger other health issues such as cardiovascular disease, heart disease, pneumonia and for expectant mothers premature birth and underweight babies. As we have been warned by CDC and WHO people with underlying medical conditions can contract the coronavirus.

Why We Won't Close Our Doors

Despite our own risk to exposure, we will keep our doors open during this healthcare crises. As a frontline provider, we believe it’s our responsibility to detect and eliminate those oral issues which threaten your immune system and your ability to ward off infectious diseases including the coronavirus and the flu. It’s our mission to do all we can to preserve and protect your health in good times and bad.

Warning Signs of Oral Decay and Infection

If you are experiencing any of the following signs of bacterial decay or infection, we strongly recommend you call our office. We are available.


For patients who already have a compromised immune system, eradicating oral decay and infection is even more imperative.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms – FEVER, COUGH, DIFFICULTY BREATHING – Contact your physician right away as recommended by CDC and WHO guidelines.

Preventive Oral Hygiene Tips

These tips will help reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus and other illness in your household –

  1.  Use Your Own Toothbrush – this virus is spread through touching a surface or object which contains the virus and then touching your nose, mouth eyes and face.
  2.  Never share a toothbrush with someone who may hae been exposed to the coronavirus or is ill. RINSING A TOOTHBRUSH WILL NOT DECONTAMINATE IT.
  3.  Don’t store a toothbrush in a closed container. Bacteria growth can still occur when they are covered or stored in closed containers.
  4.  Don’t share toothpaste – Sharing toothpaste tubes can still spread germs. Each person should have their own tube.
  5.  Eat right – Proper nutrition supports all your body’s vital functions including the immune system. Remember stress can cause your immune system to become sluggish. A well balanced meal can fight the good fight for you.
  6.  Vitamin C your body needs vitamin C to pump up the immune system. Flu, virus and colds can be fought against with a good dose of vitamin C. Your body doesn’t store this so each day a new dose of healthy foods containing vitamin C is needed.
  7.  Try this regimen of vitamins during these stressful times –
    •  Vitamin C 1000 mg twice daily
    •  Vitamin D3 10,000 IU once per day
    •  Vitamin A 10,000 IU daily
    •  Zinc Piloinate 30 mg 2 times per day
    •  Silenium 200 mcg 2 times a day with meals

As with all medications, check with your MD to see if anything may be contraindicated, such as kidney disease or above normal calcium levels.

Stay Calm

Social distancing, good diet, lowered stress will allow your body to work with you to fight off this virus. Using common sense will help you answer questions as they arise. This year as every year there are about 30 million flu cases, there are always three hundred to four hundred thousand hospitalizations. Taking care of ourselves when a virus hits will allow it to run it’s course over time and help us to recover more quickly and fully.

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