Dealing with Dental Fear

Fear – The Most Common Reason for Delaying Dental Care

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Your fear may well be unfounded because, if you’re overdue for your check up, you may think you're going to get bad news as punishment for your neglect. That’s more like guilt.

There may be fear of the needle. Well, now there are topical gels that, if applied properly, allow you to get pain free injections. Then there is the “shake the lip like an earthquake” technique that keeps you from feeling anything.

You may be one who has a fear of gagging. This can be managed with medication that eliminates the gag reflex.

Fear of feeling the drill or of feeling the pressure of having a tooth removed is also very common. We have medication that will eliminate that easily while you're still awake (in case there is a fear of being put to sleep).

Your concern might be over the cost of your treatment. We have wonderful interest free finance plans that allow you to get the work done now and pay for it later.

So as you can see, whatever the fear, our office has seen it all so we can work with you as long as you're honest with us and are willing to discuss your fears openly and in the beginning when we are getting to know you. Most of peoples’ fears center around the unknown and the loss of control we have when we don’t understand something. Open discussions are half the battle because we can help you overcome your fears in many ways. We can put you back in control of the situation very easily.

The number one way to overcome the fear and anxiety of a dental appointment is the use of a sedative. The medication we use acts quickly and within a few hours is out of your system. After a visit to the office, a short nap at home feels good and you are awake and alert for your evening activities. There are no side effects and most people say the nap was the best they ever had.  Sometimes people rather not take medication. An additional visit prior to the treatment can be set up where a single hypnosis visit can calm you to the upcoming dental treatment and has been quite successful for many people.

Whatever your decision, the first and most important decision is to do something to help yourself dentally.  Your first visit can be just an examination and consultation to get to know Dr Shannon so you feel comfortable in the dental chair. Take little baby steps to a better, healthier life first.

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