Halloween Candy Buy-Back 2015

Halloween Candy Buy-Back 2015

PRESS ADVANTAGE • October 8, 2015 • for Immediate Release

Northridge Cosmetic and Family Dentist, David Shannon, DDS, Welcomes Sponsors to Halloween Candy Buy-Back Campaign 2015

Once again, as he does every year, Northridge cosmetic and family dentist, Dr. David Shannon is preparing for his annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back campaign. Immediately after Halloween, Dr. Shannon collects candy from the neighborhood children and several area schools in the Northridge and Chatsworth areas of the San Fernando Valley in California. He pays the children one dollar for every pound of candy they bring to his office in the week following Halloween. This accomplishes several goals; it lets children earn a little money for their Halloween candy, it cuts down on the amount of candy they actually consume, and it serves as a fund raising vehicle for the schools that participate.

The donated candy is then taken to the USO at Los Angeles International Airport and distributed to our troops as they move through LAX en route to various parts of the world, and is also shared with Operation Gratitude to be sent to the troops in Afghanistan.

Last year, Dr. Shannon's campaign collected almost 2000 pounds of Halloween candy. Nearly one ton! As the “candy haul” grew larger every year, Dr. Shannon began recruiting sponsors to help him buy more and more candy. Sponsors contribute any amount they choose, from $25 to $50, even up to $1000. This year, the Shannon Halloween candy buy-back program welcomes back some previous sponsors as well as a few new ones who have stepped up to help the cause.

Returning this year is Real Estate and Bankruptcy Attorney, R. Grace Rodriguez of Chatsworth. “Ruth has been with us for past drives,” said David Shannon, DDS. “She's very supportive of the community and is always first in line to help with any civic need.”

Also contributing to Dr. Shannon's efforts this year are Northridge Florist, Cherry Hendricks, owner of Blossoms by Cherry, Family Law Attorney, Christine McClane Tesi, of Chatsworth, and Les Wildes, owner of City Wide Air Conditioning. David Perkins, Managing Director of Social Media Toolworks in Northridge, and Rick Kahdeman, Certified Health Coach with Take Shape for Life round out the short list of corporate sponsors, but the list is growing every day.

“Anyone who would like to get involved and help out this year can do it in one of several ways,” says Dr. Shannon. “You can join the effort by contributing any amount by cash or check before October 31, 2015. You can also enlist the help of your school, church, synagogue, temple or mosque, which may choose to simply donate the candy or use the drive as a fund raising vehicle to help their organization.”

And, of course, the main way to participate is to bring your extra Halloween candy to Dr. Shannon's Northridge office during the week after Halloween.

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