A Word from Dr. Shannon

Remember, you only get one chance for a first impression, so make your smile count.

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What is more important in a first impression than the way a person sees someone standing our sitting across from them. The natural beauty of your smile can draw someone’s attention to you and the warmth you communicate to them.

We are devoted to cosmetic approaches to enhance, restore and create a natural beauty to your smile.

Excellence is the highest standard and that is exactly the level of personalized dental care we provide to each of our patients addressing their own specific needs.

Digital x-rays, digital photography, HD television, laser whitening procedures, sterile disposable take home whitening kits, porcelain fillings, non metallic crowns with natural translucency, and virtual before and after photographs to help visualize the improvements to be made are just some of the cutting edge technology used to make your experience with Dr Shannon unique. These restorative and cosmetic techniques help you achieve optimal dental health.

An Ounce of Prevention

We have pounds of cure but prevention and education are key to optimal dental health. Dr Shannon provides a thorough examination on each new patient, educating them on where their dental health stands with his unique overall dental health evaluator.  The health of your teeth, gums, soft tissues, bite, TMJ, muscle balance, and kenesiology testing is included.

Cleanings, sealants, digital xrays and digital photographs are all part of your evaluation. You medical history can help us stay informed of your overall health, new medications or conditions which  effect your dental status can be discussed.

Your dental health has an impact on keeping your overall health in proper balance. The bacteria in plaque is the same bacteria as the plaque in heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and pancreatic cancer. These connections need to be addressed over the years if dental neglect is beginning to take its place in a patient’s health history.

Dr. Shannon has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education to keep abreast of new treatment modalities and new materials to offer the best to his patients.

Health and Safety

We follow health and safety standards set by the ADA (American Dental Association), CDA (California Dental Association), HIPPA, CAL-OSHA, and the CDC (Center for Disease Control). This provides maximum safety for all of our patients as well as ourselves. Continuing education courses in these areas are taken regularly to keep up with any new recommendations as well as changes set through the California licensing board.

You Are Special

We seek to build trust with each of our patients that can come only with time. Family is very important to me and we wish to treat each and every patient as if they will become part of our dental family and remain with us for many years to come. The photo of my family above was taken the last time we were all together before being isolated by COVID. Everyone’s smile is great. Everyone’s teeth are great. They all make an excellent first impression, both socially and professionally, because I have attended to them all their lives with the highest level of care and results.

This is the same way I treat my dental family; with care and results. So I welcome all to become part of my family, my dental family, for life. Together, we'll ensure that you take control of your own dental health, prioritizing problems and their solutions for a better future over the long term.

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