Gum Problems and Gum Disease

What About Gum Disease?

gum problems and gum disease

During your visit to our office, Dr. Shannon will point out signs of gum disease and other potential problems if they exist. If you haven’t been going to the dentist regularly or flossing just isn’t your thing, there is a good chance you have gum disease. It is estimated that 70% of adults have gum disease in one stage or another. It's officially known as periodontal disease.

There are three main stages of periodontal disease

  • Early gum disease – gingivitis
  • Moderate gum disease – periodontitis
  • Advanced gum disease – advanced periodontitis

You may also exhibit gum recession, bone loss, and grinding or clenching of teeth.

Each of these stages has a specific character trait and a specific treatment to rid you of the problem. If your gums are bleeding or you have bad breath – don’t wait. Call for an examination and evaluation of your dental condition.

Laser Gum Treatment

Lasers can be used to treat periodontal disease. Current controlled studies have shown that similar results have been found with the laser compared to specific other treatment options, including scaling and root planing alone. Scaling and root planing is the traditional non-surgical therapy used to treat periodontal diseases.

Laser gum treatment is less invasive than traditional surgery for treating gum disease. It is a tissue-preserving, regenerative, bone-building procedure. Laser treatment means no cutting, no stitching, faster healing and less post-operative discomfort.

laser gum treatment

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